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Synonym for excellent medical care

The International Medical Center Priora is the result of time focused on improving the quality of life. Through our dedication to developing new medical staff, technologies, and treatment methods, we want to ensure that our facility stays the synonym for excellent medical care. Your trust is truly the basis of our success.

Our mission

Our goal is to become synonymous with above-and-beyond medical care through a combination of excellent and experienced staff, cutting-edge tools and technology, and patient care through amenities and accommodation. Our patients have access to world-renowned surgeons and doctors who bring experience and expertise to the table, in combination with an individualized and personal approach. All of this ensures a unique, and exclusive experience where medical care and comfort meet.

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Innovation and expertise in one place

Our hospital has created an atmosphere of trust. A place where our patients can experience the safety provided by the expertise of our medical team. This results in a high level of patient satisfaction and a highly positive experience, here at Priora. We at the International Medical Center will continuously work on upgrades and innovations to stay the trusted destination for patients looking for truly excellent medical care.

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  • Top-of-the-line technology and the most recent surgical and nonsurgical treatments.
  • Internationally-acclaimed experts committed to your health.
  • World-famous names in the medical field focused on educating future personnel.
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Why Priora?


World-renowned international doctors

Experts with exceptional medical experience dedicated to your health.


High-quality infrastructure

A new medical center with state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional medical care.


Personalized approach to medical treatment

A health oasis where every service is carefully tailored to you.


International Surgical Academy Prof. Ninković

The continued education of our medical staff is the guarantee to the most modern treatment.


Supreme medical care in the heart of Slavonia

Set among the verdant fields in the heart of Slavonia and surrounded by tranquil nature, the International Medical Center Priora is perfect for both treatment and recovery. Combine that with the immediate vicinity of the Materra hotel, and Terra Negra Country Club, and you have the best possible place for a steady and calm stay.

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