Zlatko Majić, MD

Internal Medicine and Pulmonology Specialist

Dr. Zlatko Majić, a Croatian citizen born in 1959, is a specialist in internal and emergency medicine and subspecialist in pulmonology.


He completed his medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tuzla, and his specialist exam at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, as well as a sub-specialization in pulmonology.

Dr. Majić worked as an internist pulmonologist at the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases and TBC Klenovnik, before moving to the Osijek Clinical Hospital Center. Here, he held the position of head of the Unified Emergency Hospital Admission and the Institute for Pulmonology and Intensive Treatment of Internal Medicine Patients.

In addition to his clinical roles, Dr. Majić has completed several post-graduate courses and has actively participated in numerous national and international scientific and professional conferences focused on the field of pulmonology.

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