Plastic, Esthetic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most demanding disciplines within surgery, merging highly advanced techniques with interdisciplinary insights. Focused on the whole human form, we aim to artfully restore beauty and function for individuals affected by anomalies, trauma, diseases, and esthetic desires. Our approach goes beyond mere technical skill, emphasizing innovation, personalized understanding, and a commitment to providing transformative, life-long healing solutions.

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Esthetic Surgery

Esthetic surgery is dedicated to sculpting and enhancing facial and body features to meet your specific esthetic goals. Our one mission is to bring your vision to life. We tailor our approach to meet your preferences and expectations, providing a personalized path to recovery that involves careful planning and the integration of both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

We strongly believe in a collaboration-first approach, working closely with you to plan each procedure and ensure the outcomes align with your wishes. By leveraging cutting- edge scientific breakthroughs, we guarantee the absolute highest standard of safety and efficacy in achieving your transformation.

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Reconstructive Surgery / Microsurgery

This type of surgery specializes in restoring form and function to all types of missing structures. Whether caused by trauma, tumor removal, or birth defects, Reconstructive microsurgery allows us to address even the smallest details. We can meticulously repair nerves, tiny blood vessels, and lymph vessels to reconnect healthy tissue to damaged areas.

Our expertise in free microvascular tissue transfer – a technique that relocates healthy tissue from one part of the body to the other – represents the peak of reconstructive innovation and comprehensive restoration of all areas of the body, including critical areas like the face, breasts, hands and extremities. This approach not only guarantees anatomical fidelity but also elevates esthetic outcomes, setting a new benchmark in anatomical restoration and esthetic excellence.

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Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is a highly specialized field within surgery, focusing on restoring functional hand capacity compromised by both congenital and acquired conditions. We have years of experience working on missing structures like amputated thumbs, non-functional tendons, joint stiffness, and motor and sensory issues relying on the most advanced surgical techniques.

These include nerve, tendon repair/transplantation and free tissue (toe-to-hand) transfer. This approach not only restores essential hand movement and sensibility for our patients, but also dramatically enhances their overall quality of life, opening a new chapter in their journey toward full physical autonomy.

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