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Surgical treatment of lipedema

Lipedema is a disease defined as a painful disorder in the distribution of fat tissue, which almost exclusively occurs in women. It occurs in the upper and/or lower extremities, including the hips and buttocks. The cause of the disease is still unknown.


Lipedema itself is refractory to attempts at diet and sports, and such painful fatty tissue is successfully removed surgically (liposuction).


Lipedema is not only an aesthetic problem, but it is a complex disease that affects patients on several levels, and a specialist with extensive experience in the treatment of such patients should be selected for treatment.


Symptoms of the disease 

An increase in adipose tissue.

Disproportionate to adipose tissue on unaffected parts of the body.

The exception of the appearance of the disease on the hands and feet (unless there is a lymphedema component in addition to lipedema).

Varying degrees of pain (sensitivity to superficial and/or deep pressure, feeling of tension in the extremities ).

Easy accumulation of fat on the skin in case of mild injuries.

The appearance of bumps under the skin, in the later stages wavy skin through different accumulation of fat deposits and the accumulation of so-called fat bags (depots), which can cover the joints and thus cause movement disorders.

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