Revolution in surgery - the first integrated program of minimally invasive robotic surgery in Croatia.

Robotic surgery – Da Vinci Xi

Da Vinci Xi robot is the most advanced robotic surgery system in the world and represents the gold standard in modern, minimally invasive surgery.

This technology combines the surgeon’s expertise with the precision and dexterity of a specialized robot. The surgeon – and not the “robot” – performs the surgery and completely controls the robotic system and the surgical procedure.

The surgeon controls the robot, which replicates the surgeon’s movements with its arms, but with technology that allows them to see better, intuitively control the instruments, and operate from an ergonomic and comfortable position.

Minimally invasive procedures

The sophisticated Da Vinci Xi system enables minimally invasive surgery and facilitates surgeons’ access to narrow anatomical segments specific to urological pathology and areas that are difficult to reach with classic or laparoscopic incisions.

Instead of large abdominal incisions, smaller incisions of 5 to 12 mm are sufficient for inserting the necessary instruments and camera into the patient’s body.

The robot perfects the surgeon’s skills and thus eliminates the risk of human error. Through a system of top-of-the-line robotic instruments, surgeons gain better control and stability during surgery, thus precisely targeting the intervention site and avoiding critical areas of the nervous system.

Da Vinci - PRIORA

Precision and visualization

The entire procedure is observed by a specialized medical team on a monitor, which simultaneously processes the anatomical structures in a three-dimensional (3D) plane. Safety, accuracy, and the possibility of magnifying images 10 times ensure precise navigation and visualization of the intervention area in real-time.

The robot’s arms have incredible mobility with a range of motion of up to 540 degrees and millimeter precision, thus exceeding the limitations of the human hand.

Intuitive control and ergonomic equipment design increase the accuracy of surgical movements, making the Da Vinci system unique in its class.



To determine the right time for surgery, we invite you to contact us and schedule a consultation. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss everything in detail with your doctor, share your doubts, and get answers to all your questions.

Our team will carefully guide you and provide you with all the necessary information for proper preparation for the procedure. We will be with you every step of the way to provide you with medical, emotional, and logistical support.

Da Vinci - Konzultacije

Advantages of robotic surgery

The use of the Da Vinci medical robot achieves a high standard of surgical interventions, reducing the risk of complications and postoperative discomfort. In addition to enabling extraordinary precision, it also represents a pioneering step towards the future of surgery, improving the quality of healthcare on a global level.

For patients


Increased precision


Faster recovery


Minimizing the risk of complications and infections


Less post-operative discomfort


Shortened hospital stay


Faster return to daily activities


Less visible scars


Smaller incisions reduce the risk of excessive bleeding


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