Tomislav Kalem, MD, MSc

Medical Director

Head of Urology Department

A Croatian-German citizen born in 1962. in Doboj, Dr. Kalem has hada truly impressive professional medical journey. His rich career reflects a deep-seated expertise and profound commitment to the field of urology.


Tomislav Kalem, MD, MS graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. He completed his medical studies in Osijek in 1987 and obtained his master’s degree in 1994 at the same faculty.


After completing his studies, he devoted himself to specializing in urology, which he began in Osijek in 1991 and successfully completed in 1998 in Frankfurt. During his professional training, he completed specialist internship in world-renowned medical institutions such as Bern, Berlin, Karlsruhe, and Fulda, thus gaining considerable experience in the field.


After passing the specialist exam, he assumed the role of department head at the Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology in Fulda. He advanced further to become deputy head at the same clinic, a position he held until 2005. Since 2005, Dr. Kalem has taken charge of his own private practice and led a private department at the Lauterbach hospital, consistently providing the highest quality medical care to his patients. He held this position until the end of 2023, after which when he was appointed as the director of the International Medical Center Priora.

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