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March 14, 2024

IMC Priora makes headlines as a figurehead in modern medicine

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FOTO: Saša Zinaja/NFOTO

Croatia’s most influential political magazine Nacional has recognized International Medical Center Priora as a symbol of cutting-edge medical advancements. 

The hospital will feature the Da Vinci surgical system, a marvel of technology that allows for minimally invasive procedures with extreme precision, reducing complications and recovery time. Leading this state-of-the-art facility is Dr. Milomir Ninković, a world-renowned plastic surgeon who left a prestigious position in Germany to return to his homeland. He is joined by Dr. Tomislav Kalem, an esteemed urologist, in shaping Priora’s future.  

This €25 million project is a testament to Dr. Ninković’s and entrepreneur Marko Pipunić’s shared vision of providing exceptional healthcare to Croatia and the surrounding region. The hospital offers services across multiple specialties, including highly specialized reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, dental, internal medicine, and urology services. IMC Priora fills a vital gap, performing complex reconstructive procedures that were previously unavailable in Croatia. Patients who would have sought treatment abroad can now find the care they need domestically, potentially through a future collaboration with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute.

Beyond the medical expertise, IMC Priora emphasizes a welcoming and safe environment. This focus on patient well-being extends from the friendliness of the staff to the meticulously designed facilities. The founders’ humanitarian goals are clear, with the possibility of future collaboration with the HZZO to ensure access to care for a wider range of patients.

IMC Priora also establishes itself as an international academy for surgical training. With a focus on educating the next generation of surgeons, the hospital will host symposiums featuring some of the world’s top medical minds. This commitment to knowledge-sharing positions the hospital as a nexus of innovation in the field.  

The hospital’s impact could signal the start of a better future for Croatia’s best and brightest, attracting young professionals like Paula Skala, a medical biochemist from Zagreb. IMC Priora signifies hope in stemming the tide of “brain drain” that has seen many skilled individuals leave Croatia for opportunities elsewhere. By offering a world-class environment and a commitment to progress, the hospital serves as a beacon for talented medical professionals looking to build their careers and make a meaningful difference in their home country. 

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