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March 7, 2024

International Medical Center Priora Commences Operations

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International Medical Center Priora officially commenced operations on February 12, 2024. The very next day, Professor Ninković performed the hospital’s inaugural surgery on a patient from Saudi Arabia. This operation signifies the beginning of IMC Priora as a premium healthcare destination for patients worldwide.

Two figureheads lead the charge of the hospital project; Professor Milomir Ninković, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned specialist in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, as well as hand surgery, and Dr. Tomislav Kalem, M.D., a urology specialist and director of IMC Priora.

The hospital spans three floors covering over 6,500 square meters. It includes urology, pulmonology, and plastic, reconstructive, and extensive aesthetic clinics, all of which are equipped with next-generation technology. Additionally, it features a day hospital, inpatient treatment, a surgical floor, and accommodation in six spacious suites. Furthermore, IMC Priora has three state-of-the-art operating rooms equipped with a two-way communication system, UltraHD surgical visualization of the surgery, and instant access to patient data. This cutting-edge platform allows surgeons to bridge the operating room and connect with doctors worldwide in real-time.

IMC Priora boasts an international team of exceptional doctors, attracting patients from across the globe. By leveraging advanced technology, physician expertise, and innovative treatments, the center solidifies its reputation as a global leader in medical excellence, providing the highest quality care and the best possible outcome for our patients.

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