March 18, 2024

Milomir Ninković, MD, PhD

Utrecht nerve surgery course 2024

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Prof. Milomir Ninkovic, currently holding position of Head of Plastic, Esthetic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery Department in Priora, is one of the lecturers on „Utrecht nerve surgery course 2024″ that will be held on April 11. – 12.4.2024, Utrecht, Ninderlande. 

The first lecture will be at 8:30 am, Presentation: „Surgical treatment of drop foot: Ninkovic procedure and nerve transfer for tibial to peroneal nerve”.

The second at 8:50 am, Video demonstration: „Neuromusculotendineous transfer of the gastrocnemius muscle with nerve transfer”.

This surgical approach was developed by Prof. Ninkovic and is now used worldwide. 

You can see related publications here:

  1. M. Ninkovic, D. Sucur, B. Starovic, S. Markovic.
    A New Approach to Persistent Traumatic Peroneal Nerve Palsy
    Br J Plast Surg, 47(3): 185-9, 1994.T
  2. Ninkovic M, Ninkovic M.
    Neuromusculotendinous transfer: an original surgical concept for the treatment of drop foot with long-term follow-up.
    Plast Reconstr Surg. 2013 Sep; 132(3):438e-45e..

The entire lecture program is available for download.

Video: The neuromusculotendinous transfer developed by Dr. Ninkovic

This video explores an original surgical technique for drop-foot syndrome: the neuromusculotendinous transfer developed by Dr. Ninkovic.

This innovative procedure meticulously reinnervates the lateral gastrocnemius leg muscle with the deep peroneal nerve, creating a new functional unit. The reinnervated muscle is transposed to the front of the lower leg, where it is connected to the dorsiflexor tendons. By doing so, the surgery allows patients to voluntarily lift their foot and walk naturally.

Beyond simply restoring movement, this technique promotes a synergistic relationship between the transposed muscle and the remaining leg muscles, enabling patients to have a normal walking pattern.

This surgery ushers in a new era of mobility and independence for patients with drop-foot syndrome.

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