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February 7, 2024

Dragaš Dental Design at the International Medical Center Priora

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Dragaš Dental Design became part of International Medical Center Priora, and celebrating the cooperation represents only the beginning of the improvement of dental medical care in Slavonia. With a modern space of 470m2 and equipped with the latest technology, Dragaš Dental Design is becoming the center of innovation in dental medicine in the region.

Dragađ dental u IMC priori

The opening ceremony gathered over 200 distinguished guests, among whom were business partners and prominent members of the economic and social community. At the very opening, Dr. Zoran Dragaš, the owner of Dragaš Design Design, emphasized that their story began 6 and a half years ago with the gathering of a fantastic team of experts and emphasized that the journey to this moment would not have been possible without the support of their precious patients, families, and business partners.

Dragaš dental

The president of the board of Adria Dental Group, Gordan Muškić, addressed all those present, promising continued investment in top dentistry, stressing that the premises of the Priora International Medical Center are creating a new story in Slavonia.

U dentalnoj ordinaciji

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